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We offer an extensive selection of computer courses from beginners to advanced IT. Also offer courses for seniors and children at work and at home to you. The rates are inclusive of all documents.

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PC basics and hardware implementation :

Basic knowledge, structure and functioning of the PC, dealing with computer, keyboard and mouse, the PC-buying advice for new beginners with no computer experience. Microprocessor / central processing unit, memory, input and output devices, straightforward procedure of the hard drive, BIOS settings, optimize operating speed of the computer, removal and installation of a complete PC.

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Windows operating system and applications : 

Basic knowledge of Windows desktops, structure and function of the Windows desktop. Basics Windows XP operating system, install programs / uninstall, file system, elements of system control, operation of the Start menu, configuration of peripheral devices, changing the basic settings, data storage / backup, system restore

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Introduction to Working with MS-Office :

* MS-Word Basics: Basics of word processing, typing, designing, correcting,
   save, printing text, copy, cut and paste sections of text, tables, spelling,
   headers and footers ...
* MS- Excel Basics: Creating, designing, save, modifying and printing of
   spreadsheets, simple mathematical and statistical functions ...
* PowerPoint Basics: Creation and editing of complete sets of slides and
   presentations ...
* Overview of the Outlook features: The effective use of key components such
   as email, scheduling and task management ...
* Fundamentals of relational databases (MS-Access).
* Basics of Microsoft Office Publisher.

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Internet, Web and Communications :

* Internet : Theoretical introduction into the Internet, important concepts and
   relationships, making an access (connection, necessary hardware and software,
   providers, modem, ISDN, DSL, ...), surf, search, manage and create favorites,
   Practical experience with the Internet, Internet security (firewalls, virus
   contactor) ...
* Communication Opportunities : Electronic mail (e-mail), chat, forums,
   newsgroups, ...
* Web : Web site creation (HTML Editor Phase 5), web design programs
   (Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Microsoft FrontPage, Important Internet
   applications (FTP programs to upload and download, Adobe Acrobat).

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Graphics and Multimedia :

Possibilities of image transfer to PC (scanner, camera), Subsequent optimization of image quality pictures, images for e-mail or download from the Internet, entering the field of digital photography and image and video processing. Basic functions of Photoshop and CorelDRAW ...

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